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Media Release from the Australian Attorney-General, 25 March 2014

Media Release from the Australian Attorney-General, 25 March 2014

The below text is an unedited (with the exception of providing a space where it needed to be – I mean, couldn’t one Lib staffer proof read this before it went to print?!) and released today. Needless to say I will be doing all I can to actively oppose this change.

Said in the Australian Federal Parliament yesterday...

Said in the Australian Federal Parliament yesterday…

Racial Discrimination Act

25 March 2014

The Government Party Room this morning…

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Opinion feature: Celeste Liddle on being ‘black’ and fair-skin privilege

Opinion feature: Celeste Liddle on being ‘black’ and fair-skin privilege


If you’re interested in anything to do with feminism or Indigenous issues in Australia and you haven’t heard of Celeste Liddle aka Utopiana aka the Aboriginal Feminist Ranter, then you’re welcome for this introduction!

Celeste is an Arrentewoman who now resides in Melbourne and writes articles and blog posts that seriously make me go on a tweeting, facebooking, phone your mother and tell her…

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I wish

I had the time and the capacity to articulate my feelings on this new chapter of Bolt revolt.

After sitting at the computer screen for 15 minutes typing and then deleting a pile of emotional dribble, I provide you with the following links that I shall call Deadly Bloggers saying the shit that I can’t seem to say but wholeheartedly support:

- She can’t help being deadly by 1DeadlyNation; and

- Anita, we support you by BlondeInk.

Among the many race-obsessed expressions in his offensive, and now, unlawful, columns was the accusation that the defendants, all ”fair-skinned” Aboriginal people, claimed to be Aboriginal to receive certain benefits. As every person who has been raised by an Aboriginal parent knows, we must be ”twice as good as the white man” to finish school and get a job and suffer endless racist slurs while doing so from idiots who say things like, ”You don’t look Aboriginal. Why don’t you identify as white?”

What are our children and grandchildren to say to these fools? Deny their mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, and other family members because one of Bolt’s ilk is offended by their Aboriginal identity?