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Somehow, Scott Dooley manages to always say the right things. The importance placed on sport, as compared to human rights, is staggering. Not surprising, but very fucking staggering. There’s a huge conversation that needs to take place, without personal bias. I’m unsure if we, as a Nation, are equipped yet to have this conversation (not argument, debate, or fight… CONVERSATION).

Oodgeroo Noonuccal was a poet, activist and educator. She served in the Australian Women’s Army Service during World War II, was a member of the Communist Party and secretary of the Queensland Branch FCAATSI. She played a key role in the organising of the referendum and, later, the committee for the land rights action staged at the 1982 Commonwealth games. 

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why are white people always trying to “find themselves”

go watch a movie, read a newspaper, turn on the tv, look at a billboard

there, i found you.

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