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Frustrated at the system

Frustrated at the system

What is this world we’re living in

Where every system has given in

and gone

“Fuck it

I’ll take my pay

call it a day

everything’s okay

and it’s not.

Australia prides herself on her tenderness

for the unwell

those who can’t tell

or say

which way is home

because there no longer is a home.

The systems are tired

their value expired

and with that comes my anger

ire pulsing through my veins


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Love lost

You’d think a friendship would reign supreme

you’d think sharing all your hopes, fears and dreams

would mean

that she, your sister in arms;

your sister in blood or your sister in indigeneity

would not take aim to thee

and yet here you stand

words in my hand

that say nothing but judgment, a lack of understanding

and pandering

towards projecting your story on me.

Why don’t you walk in my shoes


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The only acne treatment for me


The only acne treatment for me

Anonymous asked: For boat people, white Australians are pretty cruel to boat people.


They’re not just “boat people”. They’re people seeking asylum. People seeking help. 


Hi guys, My name is Ebs and it’s not going to surprise you that I love love.


Hi guys, My name is Ebs and it’s not going to surprise you that I love love.

Maybe she’s born with it

Maybe she’s born with it

Maybelline tells me my skin colour is medium beige.

My ancestry is black.

My father is white.

I didn’t ask to be trapped in this middle ground.

I can’t deny who I am.

I am black.

My spirit is black.

My spirit is the spirits of 60,000 years of ancestors.

Your thoughts of me should be irrelevant

But your words still hurt.

How can you say love,

That you love me

When you can’t understand me?

That I…

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